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Here's a favorite with all ages. This hand-size coin purse is perfect for all those loose coins. Keep it in your handbag or in your front pocket. Excellent gift idea for your wife / GF or your man.
This hand-size coin pouch is perfect for all those loose coins.
Leather Type: Oak-Leaf Veg-Tan Sides: This premium imported veg-tanned leather is tanned using a tannage that produces leather with excellent tooling and embossing properties.  
✤ Premium full-grain Cowhide leather Oak-Leaf Veg-Tanned
✤ Hand-stitched with military parachute-grade thread
✤ Hand-burnished leather Edge
✤ Hand-painted with Fiebing Oil Dye
✤ 1 Pocket for your loose coins
✤ Unnoticeable in front or back pocket
✤ Great design for travel or for everyday use
✤ Very strong construction, this will stay with you for a lifetime
✤ Looks nice and so easy to carry by Men & Women (Unisex)
✤ This is a great gift and it can put a smile on faces
✤ You will love it because it's compact and not bulky
✤ Occasion / Usage: Gift, coin purse
✤ Handmade in Canada, Quebec

Coin Pouch, Leather Pouch, Medicine Bag, Slingshot Ammo pouch

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