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Handmade Leather Belt with a Heavy Duty Buckle. (Hand Saddle Stitched not Rivet)

This belt is handcrafted for peoples who desires a rugged, fine quality leather belt. Each belt is given the highest degree of care and effort. I cut them, punch them, stain them, engrave them and stitch them using strong thread (Rizla).

Leather Used in this Belt: 8/9 oz Classic Double Shoulders
Size: This is 1 1/2 " Width and 54" Length. It has 7 holes.
The middle hole is at 48". The First hole is at 40". 1" space between holes. 38.5" (first hole), 39.5" (Second hole), 40.5" (Third hole middle hole), 41.5", 42.5", 43.5", 44.5".

✤ NOT Interchangeable Buckle with double buckle keepers
✤ The leather of the belt measures 54 inches
✤ The leather width is 1.5 inches

Choosing your belt size:
The belt will be personalized to fit your size. Holes are punched in advance.

The best way of getting your size just right is to measure one of your existing belts.  

Measure from where the buckle attaches to the belt (leather wraps around the buckle) to the hole you are currently using. If this measurement is 42 inches, order a size 42 belt. My belts are sized to the center hole. If you order a 42, it will be 42" to the center hole. Fitting a belt to the center hole is important as it gives you the most flexibility with your belt.

The belt will have 7 holes to allow adjustment plus or minus 3 inches of the stated size, so there will be plenty of adjustment either way.

Stylish Heavy Duty 1-1/2" rugged leather belt, Leather Black Belt Stitched all t

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