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Here's a favorite of all ages. This hand-size coin purse is perfect for all those loose coins. Keep it in your handbag or in your front pocket. Excellent gift idea for your wife / GF or your man.
This hand-size coin pouch is perfect for all those loose coins.

Closed Pouch: 3.3″ Long by 3″ Wide (1.5″ Wide by button)

This coin pouch can easily wrap and snap around a belt or a bag handle. 
Easily holds a small handful of changes for everyday usage. Also, you can use it as a Medicine Bag or jewelry Bag.
The leather used: 3-4oz Badalassi Carlo - Waxy - Oiled Pull-up Veg Tanned Leather. Waxy Vegetable Tanned Leather comes from the Badalassi Carlo Tannery in Italy. 
They are well known for their premium vegetable-tanned leathers and the beautiful colors are able to produce. This veg tan leather is their top grade, it is full grain and has a nice supple feel with a small amount of firmness. This leather has a unique rustic pull-up that adds beautiful depth to the leather and makes for an amazing patina as it ages. The leather is dyed completely through and has a nice soft flesh side. This leather has a great feel in the hand.

✔ Premium full-grain Badalassi Carlo - Waxy - Oiled Pull-up Veg Tanned Leather
✔ Hand saddle stitched with Polyester Ritza Thread
✔ Hand-burnished waxed Edge
✔ Great design for travel or for everyday use
✔ Very strong construction, this will stay with you for a lifetime
✔ This is a great gift and it can put a smile on faces
✔ You will love it because it's compact and looks nice
✔ Handmade in Canada, Quebec
Open Pouch: 7″ Long by 3″ Wide

Coin Pouch, Slingshot Ammo pouch, belt pouch, Medicine Bag, Snap Coin Pouch

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