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Leather Carrying pouch Medieval / Renaissance for small items.
Handmade leather pouch crafted for those who seek simplicity in their lives.
This Medieval / Renaissance minimalistic pouch can fit perfectly in your pocket, backpack, or purse, or you can clip it to something. The high-quality soft leather creates the most unique pouch as close as it can get to the ones crafted in ancient times.
This is the bag to keep your precious dice, coins, jewelry, and small accessories. This drawstring leather pouch is not only suitable for dice games, but you can also use it as a coin purse, hold your keys, coins, jewelry, or any small accessories that can be stored or carried around.
Whether it’s Dungeons and Dragons, Magic the Gathering, or any other game that requires dice, you will have a stylish way to carry them PLUS completely folded out these pouches act as a small rolling tray as well. These also work great for keys or just small everyday modern items that you’d like to keep with you at a fair but in a more period-fitting way.

The Leather used is Nemesis Vegetable Tanned Leather comes from the Badalassi Carlo Tannery in Tuscany, Italy. They are well known for their traditional methods of vegetable tanning with tree barks that go back hundreds of years. This veg tan leather is their top grade, it is full grain and has a nice supple feel with a small amount of firmness. 
Depth 3"
Width 4.5 "
Length 5"

✔ Premium full-grain Veg-Tanned leather 4oz - 5 oz 1.6 mm - 2.0 mm
✔ Hand saddle stitched with military parachute-grade thread
✔ Hand-burnished waxed Edge
✔ Great design and durable for everyday use
✔ Very strong construction, this will stay with you for a lifetime
✔ This is a great gift and it can put a smile on faces
✔ You will love it because it's compact and looks nice

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