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Slapjacks, also known as a "sap" or "Blackjack", are flattened and weighted leather baton-like devices. The head is filled with a lead slug and lead shoots, and the body has a piece of spring steel and lead shoots - combined, the device is stiff but also has a bit of flex, which helps it make a nice slapping thud when it hits a table or similarly hard surface. You'll be surprised at just how much of a wallop they pack. It's an old and somewhat nostalgic design. The sap is a great self-defense weapon one level before deploying a firearm.
A Leather SAP Slapjack or paperweight,  bookweight is constructed of 2 layers of durable Premium full-grain Milled Cowhide VEG-TAN Shoulder.

The Leather SAP Slapjack or paperweight, bookweight is a device measuring 6" long and weighing 380-480 grams making it a nice paperweight or bookweight. You can use it simply as paper or book weight, or decide like many people to carry one in your vehicle, pocket, or purse.

✔ Premium full-grain Veg-Tanned leather (Milled Veg-Tan Shoulder)
✔ 2 Layers of 5 – 6 oz (2.0 – 2.4 mm) Veg -Tan Milled Leather
✔ Sturdy Heavy Stitching using a saddle stitch with military parachute-grade thread
✔ Filled with High-Density Material (Lead) Lead slug and Lead shoots
✔ Leather Handle Strap
✔ Hand-burnished waxed Edge
✔ Hand-painted with Fiebing Oil Dye
✔ Great design and durable for everyday use
✔ Very strong construction, this will stay with you for a lifetime
✔ This is a great gift and it can put a smile on faces
✔ You will love it because it's compact and looks nice
✔ Handmade in Canada/Quebec

Leather Sap 6" impact device, Slapjacks, sap, blackjack, Paper weight

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