Mushroom Mycelium planters / Fruit Bowl for your home decoration

Mushroom Mycelium planters / Fruit Bowl for your home decoration

To build our mushroom materials, we use Mycelium, the root structure of mushrooms and Hump Hurd. We don't add any chemical.

Mushroom Mycelium Material Fruit Bowl or planters for your home. Indoor or outdoor use. (Round Bowl)
These items are not only the highest quality, but also comes in a variety of options to suit your needs.


It can be used as planter or as a nice decoration Bowl for your Fruit or other things.

It is all made from Hemp Hurd and Mycelium. It is environement friendly all BIO and no chemical or adhesive added. 


Dimension: Width: 29 cm, Height: 13 cm, Thickness: 4 cm


NB: Each peace is unique and duplication is impossible because mycelium is a living organism and the grow cannot be controlled 100%. 

Advantages of using Mycelium in our design are many; here are some of these advantages:

  • All natural biological product with no added glue or binding chemical
  • It is biodegradable. Once you are done using it, you can put it in your garden as nutrient
  • It is fire retardant, does not catch fire
  • It is sound , heat insulator and it is water resistant
  • Made from natural agricultural waste, we use Hemp Hurd that fit into nature’s recycling system
  • Not like plastic which are made from benzene, a known carcinogen