Solid Stainless very accurate Features sloped tips

Solid Stainless very accurate Features sloped tips

Due to a health issue, I am selling couples of slingshots from my collection at a reduced price. They are new and purchased from (NEW) never used. It is sold with a nice protective case. The original price from is £32.95 UK, 56.27 $ CAN. Selling it for 35 $ CAN.

NOTE: I am not making any money on this item. Actually, I am selling it less than I purchased it.

Ideal pocketable hunting or target frame, with quick clip band changing system. 
Solid construction stainless steel, weighs around 300g, 75mm fork width, with 20mm fork tips, but can be used with larger bands. 

Features sloped tips (an advantage if you shoot with a straight wrist style) and a slightly chamfered brace for comfort. 
Really solid Slingshot and very accurate.

Package includes 
Slingshot: 1 piece
Assembly tool: 1 set
Rubber band: 1 set
Lanyard: 1 set

Protective box: 1 set