Super Sale - Limited Time - Goblet EVO Field Pro’ + Free EVA case

Super Sale - Limited Time - Goblet EVO Field Pro’ + Free EVA case

Due to a health issue, I am selling a couple of *NEW* slingshots from my collection. Used but like new, no fork hit no damage.
Purchased from for £64.95.

I payed (90.38 US$) + 30 US$ shipping. I am selling it 80 US $ = 102.04 CAN $. Include Free 2 Band Sets.


The sister version of the hugely popular Goblet EVO, the only difference being that this one is clipped, so no more wrap and tuck…unless you prefer that of course, which some do, then the regular Goblet EVO will be the one for you.

This catapult is an absolute dream to shoot. It’s made from 304 Stainless steel, so will last lifetimes. There are no rivnuts, the clips themselves are threaded. T20 A2 stainless Torx bolts secure the clips in place. Torx fittings being far more sturdy than the Alan key fittings that can round off easily. Torx key supplied. In my opinion, the Goblet EVO is the perfect hunting catapult. Weighing in around 300grams, it easily absorbs recoil. The sloped tips enable you to use a straight wrist shooting style, while the gnarly grip and chamfered brace give a feeling of stability and security in the hand. Its slimline nature, being only 10mm thick, allows it to fit into any pocket comfortably.

Width 95mm
Length 135mm
Tips 25mm
Measurements are approximate