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 This sheath (or scabbard) is fit for a 4.125" trapper knife RAT knife. But it's fairly universal and will fit other knives in a similar size.

Why waste precious pocket space with a pocket knife that you have to dig for? The pancake sheath allows you to weave your belt into the sheath while keeping it in an easy-access location. The belt applies natural tension to keep the knife secure.

CROSS DRAW knife sheath is designed to be worn to the sides of the belt. CROSS DRAW style offers a more flexible experience than another knife sheath.

✤ Premium full-grain 8/9 oz 'natural' veg-tanned tooling leather
✤ 1 3/4" x 3/8" belt slots
✤ Hand-stitched with military parachute-grade thread
✤ Hand-burnished leather Edge
✤ Hand-painted with Fiebing Oil Dye
✤ Great design for travel or for everyday use
✤ Very strong construction, this will stay with you for a lifetime
✤ Looks nice and so easy to carry by Men & Women (Unisex)
✤ This is a great gift and it can put a smile on faces
✤ You will love it because it's compact and not bulky
✤ Occasion / Usage: Gift, Pancake knife sheath, Knife Sheath
✤ Handmade in Canada, Quebec

Tooled Trapper Style Pancake knife sheath, Knife Sheath, Rat knife sheath

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